Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hullo Peeps

This is an idea of mine that I have had mulling over in my head for quite some time. My idea is that, as a group of people on the internet around the world, we will create a song using different instruments, styles and lyrics that will encompass all of the worlds cultures.

This as I see is an attempt to bring people together to solve a problem and that problem is the problem of "World Suck" (as the Vlog Bros. call it). World suck is a terrible affliction that affects the entire world and the only thing that causes world suck is the world suck... It's a vicious cycle or suckage.
So, my idea of creating a song that brings together different cultures will hopefully bring some entertainment to some people but what if we as the participants could help get rid of the actual world suck through other means that aren't musical. How about we donate money to something that has just begun to create some noise around the world. is a micro-loan service that allows its users to give small loans (as small as $25) to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Click the image below and check out our Kiva team. And donate to some causes.

Music in most cultures is a huge thing, from the suburbs of Sydney to the slums of Mumbai, music heals, inspires and empowers many people to great things!
Basically, all I want to make is a song that is basically 3 to 4 minutes long and contains around about 10 different instruments. What I'm asking from you, the reader, the representative of your culture, is to create a track that fits in with the song. The song will be in B Flat Major because I personally like the sound of the key. The time signature will be assessed later but if you want to get involved, go this video > < and make a video response.

This week's instrument is Bass (acoustic, stringed, synthesized, or otherwise) and the submission with the most ratings will be selected as the base that the rest of the song will be based upon. The submission has to be in the B flat Major scale (Bflat | C | D | Eflat | F | G | A ) and if you can, write down the notes you played in your video's description with a brief outline of your piece and why it means something to your culture.

When voting for a submission, rate it 5 stars if you like it a lot (only vote five stars on one video per week) and if you don't like a submission, don't vote it any stars as this cause confusion as the voting system is based on the number of ratings, not the quality of ratings.

Thanks for getting involved. Go to our youtube page and make a response video for the first video.
*Don't submit videos to the group page! Submit a response to the appropriate video*

Thanks for participating!

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